An initial effort to develop the MA-SEER (Massachusetts Structural Engineers Emergency Response) Program was made in 2006, led by Jeffrey Struble (BASE). Though initial year-long efforts were met with enthusiasm, the legislation in Massachusetts at the time did not offer any protections from liability to any would-be volunteers (no Good Samaritan Law for secondary responders in place), making it impossible for such an organization to form. In April 2013, with a new push for Good Samaritan legislation (Bill S.795) for secondary responders in Massachusetts, and building on the previous experience with MA-SEER effort, Mehrdad Sasani (SEI Boston and Northeastern University) formed a committee, which was named MEAER to include architects alongside engineers to participate in post disaster response. This committee helped rally support for the Good Samaritan .legislation, which was eventually passed in August, 2014.


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