Massachusetts Engineers and Architects Emergency Response

Good Samaritan legislation is put in place for the protection of volunteers from liability or repercussions as a result of their efforts to help others...

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The MEAER Task Force is a group of professional engineers and architects, volunteers trained for and capable of being deployed in emergencies or disasters...

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An initial effort to develop the MA-SEER (Massachusetts Structural Engineers Emergency Response) Program was made in 2006, led by Jeffrey Struble (BASE)...

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The Massachusetts Engineers & Architects Emergency Response (MEAER) committee formed in April 2013 to establish the MEAER Task Force, whose mission is “To provide rapid mobilization of volunteer design professional disaster responders from the private sector to assist state emergency management agencies in responding to disasters of such a magnitude that the technical capacities and resources of the government organizations are overwhelmed.” The MEAER Committee and Task-Force will form a standalone organization, which needs and seeks support from engineering and architecture organizations such as:

as well as emergency response organizations such as:

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